API Automation Testing
Starokievska Street, 10G (Business Center "Vector")
16-17 March 2019
What you are getting
  • Deep understanding of
    REST API architecture and principles
  • Knowledge and experience with Postman tool for API testing
  • REST Assured and Serenity frameworks for Java test automation (from A to Z)

Workshop content
2 days of significant knowledge and experience for future career growing as an Automation QA
P.S. Coffee breaks and lunches are included as well :)
Day 1
  1. HTTP protocol and REST api explanation
  2. REST api documentation and swagger.io usage
  3. Disassemble REST api of existing WEB resource
  4. Usage of Browser as REST api client
  5. Usage of Curl command line REST api client
  6. Ways to create simple Tests via SoapUi tool
  7. Ways to create simple Tests via PostMan tool
  8. Simplest Test automation via PostMan tool
  9. Usage of Newman tool to run Postman tests
  10. Run PostMan/Newman Tests via CI
Day 2
    1. Take a look at sample REST api for automation
    2. Create sample project for REST api automation with REST Assured and Serenity framework
    3. Build BaseTest.class with common configuration for REST tests
    4. Automate specific tests with different Methods and Headers via REST Assured
    5. Automate test Scenarios using Serenity and REST Assured
    6. Use Java Objects for Request data with REST Assured
    7. Enable Request/Response logging via REST Assured
    8. Enable Request/Response logging specifically for failures
    9. Enable Request/Response logging via Serenity
    10. Use Hamcrest matchers in REST Assured assertions
    11. Use Groovy Path to extract any data from Response
    12. Separate test configurations per test environment via common JUnit approach
    13. Build TestSuites with Tests via common JUnit approach
    I want to attend API Automation Workshop
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    Mykola Gladchenko
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    Time and Place
    16-17 March 2019
    2 days (11:00 - 19:00)

    Starokievska Street, 10G (Business Center "Vector"),
    5 minutes from metro station "Politechnic Institute"
    Kiev, Ukraine
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    valid till 10 March 2019
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    valid till 16 March 2019
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    Starokievska Street, 10G
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